Maurice Horne
    Greensboro, NC  USA


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Maurice Horne

Maurice Horne is a composer and keyboard performing artist who, for over two decades has published numerous Music CDs which are available in the "Store" (Click or "Order Here" to go to CD Baby and 17 of his CDs) and many Internet sites such as iTunes, Napster, Amazon and Spotify.  He works from his recording studio. 

A former federal judge, he has degrees in music and law and, having retired from his legal work, he is concentrating on getting his music to a broader audience.  Maurice performs on two electronic keyboards with multiple racks, samplers, stereo effects processors and mixer.   These musical nuances provide Maurice with unlimited opportunities to blend many sounds in combination.  

Since 2014 his YouTube video performances of original music are on grand piano and eventually there will be videos featuring his new approach to composing using keyboards with computers and computer software to produce new visual presentations with limitless virtual instruments.  LPX and FCPX significantly enhance creativity.  For example, it was practically impossible to record the grand piano before iPad Air, MacBook Pro and these updated tools; however, with enhancements, the grand piano now records well for the Internet.

Currently, he has numerous CDs on the Internet.  His first CD was published in 2001:  "Soundscapes."  In 2012 two released CDs were "Destinations" and "Songs of Remembrance."   Each CD has a particular theme; however, with the exception of "Gaga over Clouds," all CDs can be described as ambient/meditative/inspirational.  Maurice's goal is to provide a calming and serene release from the hectic, noisy world in which we live. 

In 2013, in addition to his first single "Your Are the One," Maurice released "Visions of Worlds Apart."  This Music CD is unstructured music for spiritual meditation.  He suggests listening with earphones and low volume on this album.  Fifty minutes of total relaxation. It can be considered a companion to his Book "Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) Enlarged 2nd Edition."  (Description and Internet availability listed on previous page.)NEW IN 2014:  Music originals will be posted by Maurice on YouTube from time to time for songs not otherwise available on the Internet.  He will be performing on the concert grand and on keyboards used with computer software.  New vistas are forthcoming.  Check this site and YouTube.  His YouTube site is: https://www.youtube.com/user/mauricehorne

Since his retirement in 2011 from years of legal work, Maurice has been expanding his creative work on the Internet releasing three music CDs in about six months (late 2014 and in 2015).  "Here is the Dream - Songs of Love" is a collection of 17 original ballads for the romantics among us.

All of his music falls within ambient, meditative, inspirational -  now romantic.

"Music you haven't heard, music you won't forget."  Visit the "Store."