1. Soundscapes

From the recording Soundscapes

<p>"Soundscapes" is the first track of the album by the same name.&nbsp; This piece was the very first professionally-produced musical work by Maurice.&nbsp; The piece was written just before September 11, 2001&nbsp;and during the Perseides meteor shower that occurs annually.&nbsp; The album takes its thematic approach&nbsp;from the classical work of Gustav Holst in "The Planets."&nbsp; Each piece varies to capture sounds of space.&nbsp; Of course, there are no sounds in space; however, the wonders of the universe certainly inspire many musical works.&nbsp; Clearly those did in this album.</p>
<p>Can you imagine as you listen to&nbsp;"Soundscapes"&nbsp;what the Artist felt as it flowed through him and the keyboards?&nbsp; An unforgettable experience.&nbsp; The first three bars were from a Brahms&nbsp;organ&nbsp;recital piece from 1960.&nbsp; From there on it was all&nbsp;Maurice.&nbsp; When all the other young&nbsp;boys wanted to be firemen or police,&nbsp;Maurice wanted to be an astronomer.&nbsp;&nbsp;The pictures from space which we have seen taken by the Hubble telescope are incredible.&nbsp; Each looks like&nbsp;a fine painting.&nbsp;&nbsp;By whose hands?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>