1. Pianoscapes 14

From the recording Pianoscapes 14

<p>The album "Pianoscapes" maintains pieces by number and not specific titles.&nbsp; It contains solo piano and piano with muti-timbral sounds.&nbsp; "Pianoscapes 14" is essentially a solo piano structured song.&nbsp; The harmony of the piece resembles hymns; yet it is presented as as reflective piece.&nbsp; The&nbsp;occasional discordant notes seem to be working their way into Maurice's hands by George Shearing who passed in 2011 in his 90s.&nbsp; This is mentioned because Shearing&nbsp;was one of the great influences&nbsp;in the Artist's teaching himself to 'play by ear--' a practice discouraged by the classical music teachers.&nbsp;</p>
<p>A major factor in the genesis of&nbsp;all of Maurice's music came from playing the grand piano in Wait Chapel in the late 1950s.&nbsp;&nbsp;Playing hours late into the night without any sheet music, the&nbsp;harmonies&nbsp;just 'showed up' and have never left.&nbsp;&nbsp;Thereafter, he&nbsp;continued to develop this aspect of his talent.&nbsp;</p>