From the recording Reflections on a Pond

<p>"Reflections" is an entire collection of impressionistic keyboard works which was inspired by a beautiful painting of a pond with deep reflections and welcoming seasonal colors.&nbsp; The pond is in North Carolina, the home of both the artist and the musician.&nbsp; The painting is now owned by&nbsp;Maurice and appears on the cover of the music CD.&nbsp; This first track "Reflections on a Pond" introduces the impressionistic nature of the album and the eleven other pieces which follow.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In an extraordinary experience, for three decades the painter (also an attorney) appeared before the keyboard artist (a judge)--yet neither knew of the 'first love' of art which had infused these gentlemen all their lives.&nbsp; The wonderful story is that they have now 'discovered' each other.&nbsp;&nbsp;After numerous discussions, the comparison of how&nbsp;the musician composes and the artist paints his art&nbsp;reflects that they&nbsp;are&nbsp;very similar in spiritual nature.&nbsp; Each artist&nbsp;views the act of creation&nbsp;as a gift for which both are grateful.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>