1. Awesome Vision

From the recording Awesome Vision

<p>Once, while working in New York, the Artist was walking by St. Patrick's Cathedral.&nbsp; The organist was practicing for services.&nbsp; Taking a seat, looking around at the amazing gothic structure and listening to a majestic instrument, &nbsp;a memory was preserved which comes to fruition in "Awesome Vision"&nbsp;from the "Dreamscapes" album.&nbsp; Cathedrals always invoke a sense of awe. One has to look up.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>Another original organ piece by Maurice is found in the&nbsp;final track of&nbsp;"Soundscapes" entitled "Kyrios."&nbsp; Maurice uses various organs on many pieces in&nbsp;the hymns albums:&nbsp; "The&nbsp;Music of Angels:&nbsp; 20 Traditional Hymns,"&nbsp; "Hymns of Peace for the Jouney of Faith," and "Favorite Christmas Carols."&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>