From the recording How Long is Forever?

<p>The final track of "Destinations," released January 2, 2012 "How Long is Forever?" raises a paradoxical question about time and eternity.&nbsp; If eternity has no time constraints, we are already in it.&nbsp; But don't we say to someone taking too long on a task--are you going to take forever?&nbsp;&nbsp;So&nbsp;an inordinate&nbsp;length of time may seem forever.&nbsp; It just might be that the Artist is saying to his loved one that&nbsp;his love will last forever.&nbsp; True love is a timeless commitment, once given.</p>
<p>This ballad is presented with electronic piano and an undercurrent of seamless strings and deep, heartfelt, bass.&nbsp; A love song for eternity.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>