Ethereal keyboard music.  Numerous CDs available from Maurice's Store or downloads from iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, CD Universe and many other Internet sites. Ambient/meditative/inspirational. Relax, enjoy. 

OTHER VENUES: Presentations of Maurice's original music, poetry and videos will be posted on YouTube. See:  The music here differs from his music CDs.  Recent releases: Fall 2014 CD:  "Hope for Tomorrow-Traditional Hymns."  January 2015 CD:  "Supernova."  June 2015 CD:  "Here is the Dream - Songs of Love"  (Ballads/Piano).  These original songs are for the romantics among us.

Book published:  "Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) Enlarged 2nd Edition" has been published as a eBook and paperback on the Internet sites listed below. Although science fiction, a narrative of the creation of the universe and humans is central to the story. The basic premise is that there have been, are, and will be many habitable worlds apart from our own. Two humans are permitted to visit these worlds.  This is especially intriguing because in recent years scientists have discovered hundreds of potentially habitable planets in our solar system and other systems in the universe.  In a 13.81-billion-year-old universe and humans created relatively late, why wouldn't God create other planets and beings elsewhere?  The narrator explains.

The ebook has been published on the following Internet sites:  iTunes Store,  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Sony, Gardners, and eSentral. A paperback version is available only from

Music CD "Visions of Worlds Apart."  This is unstructured music for spiritual meditation. It can be used as a companion to the novella.  For optimal listening, use good earphones and low volume.  You'll get fifty minutes of total relaxation. This 'binaural beats' approach is different from previous albums.  Visit the "Store" for a CD.  Also available for download from this and many Internet sites.  Follow Maurice's composing and publishing work in his studio. "Like" his page.  Comments are welcomed.

Many thanks to Amy B. who posted on Rhapsody the following comments about "The Music of Angels: 20 Traditional Hymns."

 "After everything imaginable has been creatively done to hymns, there's a satisfying purity to hearing them with solo piano in their original form, not to mention at the hands of an instrumental master.  He makes it simpler still depending on the strength of the melodies and the prayers in the hearts of those who penned them, letting inspiration speak (quietly) for itself."

In all of my musical life, this one is worth all the effort and dreams.  It is a real blessing to me!  mh

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